Interview with Volodymyr Khomenko, winner of P2P programme, intern of Eterna Law International Litigation department

1. What do you have do to get an internship and to win the P2P programme?

At first, to get an internship at Eterna Law and towin the P2P programme, I need to follow the social media activities of company, because I learned about the events as well as P2P programme from the official Facebook page. Publications of associates are undoubtedly useful both for preparing to the interview, during the competition, and in my future practice.

Secondly, it was necessary to believe in myself; to perform the tasks responsibly and creatively, because the answers were taken into account as not only knowledge, but also as analytical skills, ability to find ingenious solution of the situation.

Thirdly, I need to actively participate in the life of the company, especially in various activities for the students, for example, the “V All-Ukrainian school of alternative dispute resolution”, “Coffee with a lawyer” and others, where there is an opportunity to meet with future employers, to ask your own questions.

2.  What knowledge from the university were useful for you? What subjects?

Decidedly, all the substantive and procedural areas of law, theory of law are important, because the Department of international litigation requires a broad range of expertise and objectives. What’s more, tasks of the P2P competition were challenging.

Furthermore, logic, rhetoric skills were useful. In addition, the knowledge of legal English is a must, as far as part of the tasks was made to test the level of English.

 3.       Is it difficult to combine studying and training? Had you to sacrifice something?

Yes. This is difficult. Therefore, you must be ready for a lack of time to prepare for the studying at the university. However, I can assure you that I never regretted. Knowledge, skills and experience you get in Eterna Law, are unique. Every day you analyze a variety of complex business problems, jurisprudence, get tips from the professionals – which you will not find in Alma Mater.

Moreover, teachers greatly appreciate your answers if they are backed up by a comment from the practice.

 4.       What knowledge is essential for internship in Eterna Law?

At first, a thorough knowledge of national law, legal theory.

Secondly, a perfect knowledge of Ukrainian and Russian, English should be at least Upper-Intermediate.

Thirdly, I would broaden this list with not only knowledge but also soft-skills such as: communication skills, responsibility, diligence, discipline, thinking outside the box and others.

5.       What would you tell your classmates and friends about the internship?

During the internship, I constantly have to deal with unusual situations that require considerable mental workload, analysis of a large number of provisions of legal acts, court decisions, because Eterna Law is a company, which have clients with complicated cases within several jurisdictions.

Eterna Law has associates in different branches of law, which together unite a team of true professionals who will not refuse giving advice or expert comment.

And last but not least – it’s a positive atmosphere, which always reigns in the office. Despite the workload, the company’s staff always cheer your mood up and motivate for accomplishment that, in my opinion, is one of the important factors that make Eterna Law one of the leaders of the legal market.



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