ETERNA LAW, together with leading EU law firms, is launching a special legal assistance program


Date: 11 March, 2022

ETERNA LAW, in collaboration with a number of leading law firms from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Cyprus, Latvia, Romania, Austria, and Turkey, is launching a legal assistance program with the forced relocation of businesses and individuals to these countries.

Services will include:

- Incorporation (creation of a company);
- Tax planning (taxes, dividends, mandatory payments);
- Advising on opening accounts and safety deposit boxes;
- Advising on establishing the source of funds;
- Labour and immigration issues;
- Permits (licenses, work and permanent residence permits, etc.); 
- Lease relations (office, co-working, housing);
- Import-export operations, certification of goods;
- EU grants for business development.

Services for individuals are provided pro bono (free of charge), while services for legal entities are provided on a commercial basis.

For inquiries, please contact ETERNA LAW partner Oksana Kneychuk:

ETERNA LAW’s partner Oksana Kneychuk comments: “Starting from the very first days of the Russian invasion, we have provided help to Ukrainian women and children who all of sudden became refugees – jointly with our international partner-firms we assisted with the temporary placement and other support in the EU countries (Hungary, Poland, and Romania). And it was obvious for us that given that we all as a nation got used to taking care of ourselves after the first shock passes, everyone would have to decide what to do next. People all over the world help Ukrainians greatly now but it is crucial to help with the further life, that is why we are now joining our forces with our European colleagues.”

ETERNA LAW’s Managing partner Andrey Astapov comments: “It’s been over two weeks since a bloody tragedy unfolded in the very centre of Europe before the eyes of the whole world. We support the Ukrainian army and believe that our country will stop the invasion and win this war. But we realise that Ukrainian people who left the country need the support that the Ukrainian government is unable to provide now. Therefore, we decided to start negotiations with leading European law firms in the countries that welcome most of the Ukrainian refugees. I would like to stress that our joint legal assistance will be provided on a pro bono basis to those individuals who cannot afford this. This is the least we can do in the circumstances we were put in.”



On August 11, 2020, The President of Ukraine signed the law on the legalization of the gambling business. Being one of the leading law firms, we advise gambling and betting companies on doing business in Ukraine with the implementation of the norms of a new Bill on Gambling.