Mediation & Negotiation

ETERNA LAW always considers each client a valuable one and as such offers client-tailored solutions for each case and specific demand.  However, if we should lack particular additional information for analysis to arrive at a custom solution we also have a vast array of generic solutions, which we can always put to use to obtain a positive outcome. The firm has been traditionally strong in international dispute resolution practice.

We assist our clients from the very early stages of the dispute by giving strategic advice on handling the case, evaluating the options of recovery, drafting and implementing the scheme of restructuring, negotiating and, if necessary, litigating or arbitrating the dispute.

We perform mediation when there is an opportunity to resolve a dispute in an amicable fashion without going to court, but only in the situation when both parties are disposed to abide by the mediation procedure.

The mediation procedure contains:

• Documents analysis
• Drafting a memo describing the situation and possible ways to resolve a dispute;
• Presentation and clarification with mediation rules and proceedings for the client and the other party
• Clarification of the legal and business positions of the parties via personal meetings/telephone conversations/e-mails
• Consideration with the client on the possible consensus
• Signing a settlement agreement between the parties

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