Corporate Social Responsibility

Сorporate Social Responsibility projects of ETERNA LAW


Official Legal Partner of Ukrainian Tennis Federation

Starting from 2015, ETERNA LAW acts as an official legal partner of the Ukrainian Tennis Federation. We provides full legal support to the Federation including advice on on-going matters, drafting and negotiating contracts, employment, tax and corporate issues. 


Supporting Ukrainian National Fencing Team and Ukrainian National Fencing Federation

The firm has continuously been an official legal adviser of the Ukrainian National Fencing Team. The company represents the interests of the national team in local and international competitions, as well as during the Olympics. The firm also sponsors programs of the Ukrainian National Fencing Federation, which aim at encouraging people all over Ukraine to join the sport.


Official legal Partner of Kyiv Chess Federation

Starting from 2016, ETERNA LAW acts like an Official legal partner of Kyiv Chess Federation.


Sponsoring moot courts and supporting moot courts’ teams 
ETERNA LAW sponsors moot courts in general and supports moot courts’ teams at the local and international levels. In 2016 we supported winner of the Ukrainia round of JESSUP in their participation in the world round, being held in USA.