Banking & Finance

Rarely before has the banking and finance sector attracted so much public attention as it has recently.  So now, more than ever, it is overwhelmingly important for us to remain professionals when considering the numerous opinions, specific terminology, regulatory documents and legislative initiatives.

Our experience in working with banks and financial institutions is a valuable asset to our understanding of the internal structure of international and national banks and financial corporations.  That enables us to analyze even the most complex and sophisticated situations within the shortest possible time limits and produce innovative solutions.

As practitioners, we keep up with the times; as professionals, we are ahead of time.  We continuously monitor regulatory requirements and rules on both local and international levels. Our clients can be sure - we are aware of all the changes occurring in the market, and can always rely on our individual approach and our readiness to provide assistance at any moment.

Our expertise in rendering services to businesses is the cornerstone of our unique understanding of a company’s business processes and financial flows. We are convinced that our assistance can open up finance to companies and make business comprehensible to banks.

Eterna Law’ services in Banking & Finance:

  • Advising on trade/project finance and loan transactions
  • Legal due diligence
  • Consulting on the issues of default situations, providing legal assistance on debt restructuring transactions, assignment of receivables and payables
  • Drafting syndicated loan agreements, structuring financial transactions
  • Advising on international bond issues, including secured bonds, bank guarantees, issue of standby letters of credit and obtaining comfort letters
  • Providing advice on regulatory matters of banking and financial operations

  • Banking Law Firm in Ukraine in 2016 by Acquisition International 2016
  • International Financing Law Firm in Ukraine in 2016 by Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine

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