ADIT - The Advanced Diploma in International Taxation

Today's international tax professional will have a varied background and the expectation that he or she will be increasingly mobile with an understanding of more than one taxation system.

ADIT, developed and supervised by leading international tax practitioners and academics, meets the needs of international tax practitioners working in the corporate arena.

It is a challenging and rigorous qualification but will reward you, your career, and your employer.

Eterna Law in cooperation with Tax Atelier Ltd and P.S. Institute of Accountancy Ltd are proud to provide the course in Ukraine in partnership with the most prestigious training organizations in U.K. Tolley Exam Training, (part of LexisNexis) specializing in international taxation. Eterna Law became the local provider for the course from Chartered Institute of Taxation in Ukraine.

This is a fantastic opportunity for tax professionals to prove their expertise in international tax and gain a specialist qualification from one of the world's most respected professional bodies.

The Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) is particularly relevant to qualified accountants with a tax background who are looking to specialize further in international taxation.

Authoritative technical knowledge

The ADIT qualification was developed and is supervised by an Academic Board consisting of several prominent international tax practitioners and scholars: Prof. Philip Baker, Malcolm Gammie, Dr Zhu Qing, Prof. Luís Eduardo Schoueri, Dr Partho Shome, Prof. Kees van Raad, Jefferson VanderWolk, and Prof. Richard Vann.

The overall standard of ADIT is comparable to a postgraduate qualification. ADIT is a professional qualification intended for senior level tax professionals and managers, or people working towards a senior level in international tax.


Flexible with work commitments and study commitments - exams are held twice each year, with different exam combinations available in both handwritten and on-screen formats. The exams are modular, so you can take them in any order or all at the same sitting.

Five years to graduate - your student registration expires after five years. If you find yourself beyond that time frame with modules left to complete, you only need to re-register.

Extended essay option on the subject and jurisdiction of your choice - should you not want to study the current jurisdictions offered, you can do a 15,000-20,000 word extended essay in place of one of the option modules.

Choice of study options - depending on your commitments and resources available, there are a variety of tuition choices available. In addition, you can choose a different study route or course for each module. You are not restricted to classroom study only.

No pre-requirements to register as a student or take exams - we only require an email address so that we can keep in contact with you. Tax professionals around the world have a wide variety of backgrounds and this qualification works to ensure that there are few obstacles to improving your own, or your team's, credentials.

Broaden your scope

Many international tax professionals have learned 'on the job', or they are accountants or lawyers or work for the national revenue office doing international tax. This qualification truly identifies you as an international tax specialist. It will 'fill in the gaps' of your knowledge of international tax and other jurisdictions.

The exams are up to date and based on current case law. They cover the trends and what are now important areas in international tax.

ADIT is a practical qualification - there is a combined focus on the academic understanding but also on the practical, 'real life' application.


A growing worldwide community and network of international tax professionals

Join a growing community of ADIT students, graduates and International Tax Affiliates in over 110 countries around the world - every continent, major market centre, and every business sector represented.

You can continue to contribute to the ADIT network, wherever your career takes you.

You will have the confidence that the ADIT community will all have taken the same exams and you will recognise the standard of this peer group.

The CIOT runs conferences which ADIT students, graduates and Affiliates can attend.

Join the ADIT group on LinkedIn or Linkedin group in Ukraine. As an ADIT student, graduate or Affiliate, you have the opportunity to join the ADIT group and network with international tax professionals around the world.

 To gain the ADIT, candidates need to be able to demonstrate:

  • knowledge of the principles of international taxation
  • in-depth knowledge of international tax issues for two jurisdictions or areas of international tax.

 Registration and examinations

Members are encouraged to register with CIOT and start their exam preparation at least five months in advance of the examinations which are held annually in June and in December.

In 2019 only examination in December are available for the students in Ukraine.

The following dates apply for the December 2019 exam session:

Deadline for registration as a candidate- July 31st.

Deadline for registration on the course - July 31st.

Deadline for registration on exams - September 12th.



For more details:

 Maryna Fomenko, CEO

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Oksana Kneychuk

Partner, Head of International Tax Planning and Corporate Structuring Departments



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