ETERNA LAW is one of the TOP-5 Ukrainian law firms, was founded in 2002. The firm’s practice was initially focused on legal issues related to international trade in commodities but, as the firm grew, it expanded to include international corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, international financial transactions, tax, international arbitration/litigation, mediation, asset management, real estate and construction, foreign investments, antitrust, family, energy and natural resources, maritime and transportation law.

Over the past years, the firm has grown and is now one of the most dynamic and fast-growing full-service law firms on the Ukrainian market. The firm provides top-notch legal expertise to leaders of the business community, both international companies operating in Ukraine and Europe, and Ukrainian businesses.

ETERNA LAW’ Kyiv office is the headquarters of the firm’s practice groups in Ukraine and includes over 50 lawyers. Most of the firm’s lawyers have completed post-graduate studies in the US, UK and EU countries. This allows us to combine international experience and expertise with a thorough knowledge of the specifics of the Ukrainian legal environment and its business realities.

Ukrainian office of ETERNA LAW is highly recommended by international and local legal directories:


Managing Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution Practice