Tax & Tax Litigation

Within the scope of tax practice and tax disputes, the ETERNA LAW team provides consultations on a wide range of taxation issues and offers comprehensive and practical solutions based on a deep understanding of tax legislation and significant experience in this field. We also specialize in guiding clients through every stage of contesting decisions made by regulatory bodies, from preparing for tax audits to representing their interests in courts of all instances.

We create tax structures that comply with current tax legislation, reflect the latest trends in our clients’ market activities, and consider the nuances of Ukraine’s current financial regulatory landscape.

Our services include:

Protection of rights and interests in the field of tax law

  • Legal advice on taxation and structuring of tax payments;
  • Preparation of individual tax risk minimization strategies;
  • CFC Reporting;
  • Representation and protection of the client’s interests before the tax authorities.

Legal support during tax audits

  • Preparation for tax inspection;
  • Development of strategies for interaction with tax authorities during inspections;
  • Preparation of objections to tax audits;
  • Administrative (pre-trial) appeal against decisions of regulatory authorities;
  • Representation and protection of client’s rights during tax audits.

Judicial appeal

  • Preparation of claims and other procedural documents;
  • Representation and protection of the client’s interests in the judiciary at all stages of the trial
  • Judicial appeal against decisions of regulatory authorities (tax requirements, tax notices-decisions, decisions on the application of administrative seizure of property, etc.);
  • Appeal of tax consultations;
  • Appeal against illegal actions and inaction of regulatory authorities, including in cases of refund of overpaid customs duties and VAT.

Tax planning                        

  • Development of optimal tax strategies;
  • Optimization of taxation of intra-group and external transactions;
  • Advising on transfer pricing.

Tax audit

  • Providing recommendations to improve tax structuring;
  • Checking the corporate structure for compliance with BEPS legislation and supporting the process of restructuring corporate structures.

For individuals

  • Asset planning and inheritance questions;
  • Taxation of foreign income and avoidance of double taxation;
  • Income declaration.

Partner, Head of International Tax Planning and Corporate Structuring Departments

Partner, Head of Sports law, co-head of Gambling and Betting Industry

Counsel, Attorney-At-Law. Head of International War-Damages Compensation Practice