GR offers a one-stop-shop unique expertise of navigating companies through the challenging regulatory environment and solving complex issues where legal, public & government relations aspects are equally important.

We offer proactive solutions not only on how to comply with the current rules and regulations, but we anticipate those to come and, if necessary, work towards changing, abolishing or introducing regulations.

ETERNA LAW team gathers intelligence, helps to make business cases and feasibility studies, defends them before other stakeholders, and opens new markets in Ukraine, EU and US. We are well positioned to find balance between the interests of the state and business via open and transparent dialogue. 

The Government Relations Practice offers: 

  • Helping to launch new businesses and projects providing legal, regulatory, public and government relations support; 
  • Gathering intelligence crucial for implementation of the business decisions;
  • Developing and implementing strategies & tactics to introduce, change, abolish and adopt regulations and create regulatory environment to the clients’ needs;
  • Helping to develop industry positions;
  • Advising on EU, US and other countries’ standards and regulations and defending positions before the authorities;
  • Organizing complex protection against illegal take-overs;       
  • Making proactive due diligences targeting to identify gaps and minimize risks for illegal take-overs;
  • Helping to develop and implement crisis management procedures, providing support for crisis situations.

Managing Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution Practice

Partner, Head of Corporate an  M&A, International Trade.