«Eterna Law» provides us with a highly qualified legal assistance for the protection of our violated rights and interests within the framework of economic justice. As a result of effective working with «Eterna Law» we have received professional legal assistance in all courts and reached the damages caused to our company. «Eterna Law» associates were able to do a quick analysis of the case at pretrial stage, to determine the legal prospects of our business and to develop an effective strategy to further protection the interests of our company.

Lyudmila Chernyshova, "UniCredit Leasing" LLC

"UniCredit Leasing" LLC is a leasing company, member of UniCredit Group, the leading financial group in Europe.

"Our experience with ETERNA LAW allows us to recommend the company as a team of professionals, who can easily cope with the tasks, despite large volumes, a wide geography and tight deadlines. Cooperation with the company ensures gaining a reliable partner in legal matters, as well as the stability of the timely delivery of quality services at reasonable budgets"

Yuliya Ilyukhina, DIXY

"The key features of ETERNA LAW team are quality, speed and responsiveness, which definitely help the company to stand out among the top law firms on the market"

Sergey Bellevich, Detskiy Mir Kazakhstan LLP

Head of Legal

"At OBI Ukraine we have been very satisfied with our recent collaboration with AstapovLawyers. Building on a good understanding of the client's needs and on quick turnaround of received information, ETERNA LAW was able to efficiently represent OBI in several court cases and reach the optimal result for the client"

Ganna Solomko, OBI Ukraine Franchise Centre LLC

"ETERNA LAW helped us to make our way through very complex law of pledges and titles for the goods in Ukraine. Their contracts have been tested in court and are watertight"

Laurence Frémion-Chiba, Raiffaisen Zentral Bank, Austria