Artem Kuzmenko participated in a webinar of the specialized gambling edition Lcnewsua

Artem Kuzmenko, partner, took part in a webinar of specialized gambling business edition Lcnewsua on the topic: Certification of gambling equipment and software in Ukraine within the framework.

In particular, Artem talked about the legal aspects of gambling equipment certification, the legislation, technical regulations and the replacement of temporary certificates.

During the meeting, speakers discussed the following questions:

– The legislative framework: how to do everything correctly and transparently, as well as what businesses need to consider in order to avoid problems with the regulator in the future.

– Real business cases: certification of equipment and software.

– How it happens abroad: foreign experience of certification.

– Certification bodies in Ukraine: whether there is a need to expand the list of companies approved by the Gambling and Lotteries Regulation Commission; what are the basics of operation and reporting of such bodies; development of expertise and capacity of certification bodies.

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