ETERNA LAW announces cooperation with Ukrgasbank as the legal partner of the bank

ETERNA LAW announces start of cooperation with Ukrgasbank as a legal partner of the bank.

UKRGASBANK is among the ten most reliable banks in Ukraine and in the TOP-5 largest banks in terms of assets according to 2019 public ratings.

UKRGASBANK is one of the major banks in the field of business lending in such areas as energy efficiency, renewable energy, green transport, efficient use of water resources and more. Among the goals of the bank is to realize the huge untapped potential for investment in renewable energy projects in Ukraine.

ETERNA LAW has considerable experience in cooperation with leading Ukrainian banks, and cooperation with UKRGASBANK once again confirms our high expertise and systematic approach in working with banks.

As part of the partnership, our lawyers will provide advice on complex issues such as:

• International tax planning and structuring of personal assets;

• Business relocation


• Property management, structuring and taxation of rental income;

• Declaring assets abroad, tax amnesty;

• Migration issues and obtaining citizenship in EU countries for investors;

• Formation of the history of “source of income” in Ukraine;

• Inheritance planning for foreign assets;


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