Eterna Law to host meeting of PLG International Lawyers in October 2018

Kyiv, September 15th – Ukraine is chosen for the first time for a meeting of PLG International Lawyers Association which will be conducted in October 2018. Being exclusive member from Ukraine, Eterna Law will act as a hosting firm and organize the meeting. 
We expect more than 30 participants – partners of European law firms to come in Kyiv.
Since its foundation in 1988, PLG has grown both inside and outside Europe into an international legal network encompassing over 1100 lawyers and notaries from 27 member firms in more than 50 cities spread over 32 countries and 4 continents.
Being the PLG member for already 2 years, Eterna Law is represented by four members: PLG Directors – Oksana Kneychuk and Oleh Beketov and YPLG Representatives – Maksym Uslystyi and Karina Pavlyuk.

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