Interview with Anton Sokolov, a junior associate Eterna Law International Litigation department


  1. Why have you chosen Eterna Law for the internship and for the future work?

I have chosen Eterna Law, because the company is one of the leaders on the legal market in Ukraine and its Partners, as well as the company itself, regularly hold high positions in various rankings. Due to it, Associates of Eterna Law are engaged in a variety of interesting and challenging projects, participation in which will undoubtedly contribute to the professional growth of young lawyers.

During the internship, I also realized that Eterna Law team members are professionals in their field, as well as a large and friendly family, where each can ask for an advice and help. These factors, as well as the opportunity to participate directly in interesting projects and career prospects made an impact on my decision to work in Eterna Law.


  1. What advice would you give to those students who eager to get an internship in the international law firm?

First, I would advise them to be confident in their skills and knowledge, which have to be thorough and deep. However, do not expect that the theoretical knowledge gained in high schools will be enough for work/internship in an international law firm. Besides, practical legal knowledge, which you get from traineeship/internship in other organizations or taking part in various moot courts, will be an advantage for you. 


  1. What was the most difficult and the most interesting during the internship?

Since the litigation and arbitration processes have always been in my professional field of view, drafting of legal documents on non-conventional cases and participation in trials were the most interesting for me.  

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