Interview with Ekaterina Gnativ, junior associate Eterna Law IP-practice

1. Why have you chosen Eterna Law for the internship and for the future work?

Eterna Law, as one of the leading law firms, provides a wide range of opportunities for professional development of young lawyers. Working at Eterna Law – is being in a team of people who know their business and gain experience, which is the foundation for all future legal career.


2. What advice would you give to those students who eager to get an internship in the international law firm?

In addition to the brilliant theoretical knowledge and legal English at a high level, you must have desire to constantly learn and improve your skills. What is more, participation in international conferences, summer schools and other projects outside of the educational process will be your benefit. And, of course, do not forget about creative thinking.


3. What was the most difficult and the most interesting during the internship?

The most difficult was the execution of multiple tasks at the same time, difficult as it was full and high-quality performance of tasks within the specified deadline. Everything was interesting:), but the real challenge was to find outsized solutions for customers.

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