Interview with Oleksandra Poliakova, intern of International Litigation Practice

1. Why have you chosen Eterna Law for the internship?

After visiting a workshop on international commercial arbitration, which was held in the company’s office, I realized that I wanted to work with Eterna Law team, moreover, arbitration and cross-border disputes were always  in my field of interest.


2. What advice would you give to those students who eager to get an internship in the international law firm?

Students should develop and improve their knowledge and skills. In order to practice law, one must possess not only theoretical knowledge and be familiar with the regulations, regulatory acts, it is necessary to analyze the problem, the business-situation and apply the law to justify the position. In addition, to support the business you need to know not only the procedural aspects in a particular area, but also be able to qualitatively prepare the relevant documents and memos.


3. What was the most difficult and the most interesting during the internship?

Successfully completing of interesting projects and tasks. After doing that, every lawyer feels a small victory. Good team and discussion on legal issues – it is always exciting to hear the opinion of experts on a particular issue, especially on the collision. In addition, it is interesting to acquire quickly large sets of information in different areas of legislation.

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