Khrystyna Tsymbaliuk, associate, acted as an arbitrator at Lviv Vis Pre-Moot 2021

Khrystyna Tsymbaliuk, associate, acted as an arbitrator at the Lviv Pre Moot, which took place in Lviv for the first time on March 20-21 and brought together participants not only from Ukraine but also from Germany, Poland and Slovenia.

This year, the case was focused on contract commitments to develop a malaria and SARS CoV-2 vaccines.

The following issues were considered during the event:
1. Can the arbitration be conducted remotely if the arbitration clause does not explicitly provide for it?
2. Can a third party who is not a party to the contract be involved in the arbitration proceedings?
3. How do the provisions of the Convention on Contracts of International Sale apply to a licensed contract of sale and cooperation?
4. Is it a violation of the terms of delivery to supply goods encumbered with liens, if the seller acted in good faith?

It is worth noting the high level of preparation of the participants, who made good work with the analysis of the case and gave quite convincing arguments in support of their positions.

ETERNA LAW actively supports students’ initiatives and wishes participants to augment their potential in the future.

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