For more than ten years, ETERNA LAW has offered legal services in Latvia and has shown it as a reliable business partner, providing high-quality legal services for clients. ETERNA LAW Riga main activities include Civil rights (Labour, Family, Real Estate, Tax, and Liability Law), Commercial Law, Administrative (Municipal rights, Procurement, Competition law), and Immigration law. Lawyers of the office ETERNA LAW Riga provide settlement of disputes in pre-trial and legal proceedings in the above-mentioned fields of law.

ETERNA LAW Riga actively participates in programs of EU Structural Funds, allowing clients not only to establish a strong business platform in Latvia but also to obtain co-financing for business implementation.

ETERNA LAW Riga team consists of highly qualified lawyers with many years of successful experience working with clients from Western and Eastern Europe. Our lawyers have earned recognition by representing clients in dealings with government authorities and self-government bodies in all judicial instances, providing legal support of various levels of complexity.

ETERNA LAW Riga lawyers are part of the official business delegations of the President of Latvia during his foreign visits and actively participate in various international business conferences and meetings. This is a unique opportunity to exchange information, experience and establish new business contacts.

Among the clients of ETERNA LAW Riga are financial institutions, transport and shipbuilding companies, state and municipal institutions, representatives of the private sector, agricultural enterprises, and retail industry. Furthermore, ETERNA LAW Riga works in the field of outstaffing (personnel administration) in EU countries, providing legal support and advice to clients at all stages of the process.

Riga as a political, economic, and cultural center of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltic States sets high demands for the level and quality of legal services. The lawyers at ETERNA LAW Riga are competitive and respected professionals in meeting these demands.


Partner, Head of Corporate an  M&A, International Trade.