Ukraine remains the centre of the IT industry in Eastern Europe. The country offers a series of advantages and establishes a favourable foothold for foreign investment.

The ETERNA LAW team is ready to provide you with legal support in relocating your IT business to Ukraine, with due regard to all organisational aspects of your business model. We offer a closed ecosystem and all-in-one solution that includes full support for the relocation process.

We will be happy to ensure:

Your company’s relocation, which includes:

• assisting your key personnel in obtaining a personal entry permit for Ukraine (as an exception to the entry ban on all foreign nationals);

• opening Ukrainian bank accounts for your non-resident companies promptly in order to ensure steady cash flows;

• setting up a legal entity in Ukraine promptly;

• opening Ukrainian or foreign bank accounts for legal entities (including non-resident companies);

• transferring intellectual property rights (such as those in websites, trademarks etc);

• providing all necessary legal and accounting services to support your company’s operations in Ukraine;

• obtaining import clearance for computer equipment;

• supporting government relations with the President’s Office, the Migration Service and the subject Ministry;

• providing nominee director services.

Personal relocation of top executives and relocation of teams:

• obtaining a residence permit (temporary or permanent);

• opening a bank account promptly;

• obtaining an employment permit in Ukraine;

• registering sole proprietors (aka individual entrepreneurs);

• assisting in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship (if necessary).

The advantages of operating an IT business in Ukraine include:

• the income limit for single-tax paying sole proprietors and companies has been raised up to UAH 7,000,000 (above US$ 250,000), and the rate of the single tax charged on sales (including corporate sales) is 5%;

• software supplies are exempt from value added tax;

• Ukraine’s government has signed a lot of double tax treaties that make dividend structuring easier;

• the requirement to sell foreign currency receipts has been lifted;

• cutting-edge contracts may be used with non-residents to incorporate flexible terms and to avoid contract translations which are often a problem for foreigners;

• the terms and conditions of banking services provided to IT industry members are unparalleled (e.g. there is no cash withdrawal fee).

In addition, we offer cooperation within Diia City*, a virtual economic zone created to develop business in technology and innovation by streamlining, and providing online options for, all G2R and G2B services.


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