Our experience of working with banks and financial institutions gives us an advantage in understanding the internal structure of international and national banks and financial corporations. Besides, it empowers us to scrutinize difficult situations and construct unique resolutions rapidly.

Our experience in providing services to commercial entities yields a unique understanding of business processes within the company.

ETERNA LAW’s services in Banking & Finance include:

  • Advising and assistance with transactions involving trade and project financing;
  • Assistance with credit agreements for funding operational businesses, startups, real estate purchases, air and water transportation, and art acquisitions;
  • Support in the process of both public and private issuance of securities, including debt instruments;
  • Support for the process of issuing international bonds;
  • Opening of bank accounts abroad;
  • Conducting analysis and preparing a report on the source of funds to facilitate the compliance process in foreign banks;
  • Supporting documentary operations involving bank letters of credit, guarantees, and encashment;
  • Advising on default situations, assisting in agreements regarding debt restructuring, and transferring debtor and creditor obligations;
  • Advising and support throughout the debt restructuring process;
  • Complete legal assistance for projects involving syndicated and subordinated loan issuance and their collateralization under Ukrainian and international law;
  • Advising on the establishment of banking and financial institutions, as well as on obtaining the necessary licenses from government authorities;
  • Support for M&A and reorganization procedures in the banking and financial sector;
  • Advising on the control, preservation, and management of personal financial assets for individuals, their families, and corporations, including diversification of investment portfolios;
  • Assistance with the preparation and implementation process of investment attraction through ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and ITO (Initial Token Offering);
  • Support for launching an IPO (Initial Public Offering) to raise funding for business expansion;
  • Conducting global searches and asset tracing of debtors who fail to fulfill their financial obligations, to initiate negotiations or legal/arbitration proceedings;
  • Development of a funds recovery algorithm for problematic debt obligations;
  • Conducting legal audits of the financial / banking part of the enterprise;
  • Conducting forensic (financial) investigations on the paths of fund withdrawals in banks and other non-financial institutions;
  • Representation in negotiations with banks and other financial institutions regarding lending, opening credit lines, letters of credit, and obtaining bank guarantees;
  • Financial transaction planning;
  • Regulatory issues in the financial sector.

Partner, Head of Corporate an  M&A, International Trade.