Compliance Programmes

Today’s extremely competitive business environment has made compliance requirements more challenging than ever.  A strong compliance culture is a sign of a well-run company, either public or private, that attracts investors and secures business from government actions.

ETERNA LAW Compliance practice provides confidential and worldwide services to assist companies across the full spectrum of anti-corruption and antitrust compliance.  We routinely perform background diligence investigations designed to detect and prevent any sign of illegal activity.

Our team is experienced in the development of action plans in order to improve compliance policy within the clients’ companies, such as:

  • Devising corporate policy and code against violations of the FCPA, Bribery Act, and foreign anti-corruption laws
  • Establishing compliance standards and procedures
  • Amending current agreements and contracts with provisions on anti-corruption representations and undertakings, allowing for periodic internal and independent audits of the agent or business partner
  • Auditing company compliance code

ETERNA LAW also closely works with our clients to help them reduce regulatory and antitrust related risk in their daily business practices related to distribution, licensing, joint ventures, intellectual property rights, pricing and discounting, and interaction with the government.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in developing special antitrust programs and implementing them to alert potential antitrust compliance risks. We routinely advise clients on drafting licensing and distribution agreements in compliance with antitrust laws and counsel them on the legality of existing arrangements.

ETERNA LAW regularly assists clients in structuring their pricing practices with maximum flexibility while avoiding antitrust risks related to volume and loyalty discounts. 

We routinely advise both government and private sector clients on the application and interpretation of public procurement rules and receipt of state aid.

Our team consists of professionals with a thorough understanding of local and regional culture, language, financial and regulatory systems to assess all aspects of client business and to ensure that business practices are in full compliance with the law.

Key staff of ETERNA LAW is certified in Anti-corruption compliance.


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