ETERNA LAW Department of Family Law and Private Clients has an established reputation in the providing of legal services to clients in this very sensitive area of law.

Our long experience, deep knowledge of the rules and intricacies of both international and national family law and unique personal approach made us a leader in this practice.

Having considerable experience in the conducting of high-profile divorce cases, we help our clients to overcome this difficult period of life as quickly and efficiently as possible, while maintaining strict confidentiality and focusing solely on the interests of the client.

We provide services for the management of divorce proceedings, legal aid for the division of property, registration benefits for child support and alimony, determining the child’s place of residence in the court, setting the mode of communication with children.

Our practice covers all aspects of marriage institution of international and national law, marriage contracts signed both before and after marriage, rights on jointly acquired property, divorce planning process (strategy and tactics of divorce), divorce (including with the participation of foreign element), and others arising questions.

If necessary, our lawyers specialize in family law, attract joining the project by lawyers of corporate, tax and criminal law, which allows fully anticipate and neutralize the impact of litigation on the financial position of the client.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of the prospects of litigation in family matters and support their resolution, including court and out of court;
  • Settlement of disputes with a foreign element (husband /wife of a foreigner/foreigners or the disputed property is located abroad);
  • Preparation and representation at the conclusion of the marriage contract;
  • Support the recognition by the courts invalidate the marriage contract;
  • Preparation and representation at the conclusion of the agreement on division of property;
  • Support the recognition by the courts of the transaction, concluded one of the spouses, void;
  • Representation of clients in legal issues related to living in a civil marriage (division of property, children);
  • Representation of interests in connection with the dissolution of marriage (divorce) and the division of property;
  • Definition of a minor child’s place of residence (children), establish procedures for its communication with the parent living apart from the child, the establishment of order and the content of education of the child;
  • Deprivation of parental rights;

In addition to the areas of family law, our work includes advice on related issues of nationality and inheritance.


Partner, Head of International Tax Planning and Corporate Structuring Departments