ETERNA LAW’ Investigations & Commercial Intelligence team has unique experience in prompt actions and responding to client’s needs in asset tracing‚ multi-jurisdictional asset recovery‚ injunctions and other provisional and pre-judgment remedies. This service is normally utilized in the framework of broader litigation or arbitration proceedings and allows for the effective enforcement of court judgments and arbitration awards.

A separate dimension of this activity is evidence gathering in support of proceedings both as it relates to the dispute itself and also to assets location. We ensure that evidence obtained as the result of our involvement will be fully admissible and lawful.

Our firm is astute in tracing assets emanating from fraud, fraudulent bankruptcies and other types of white-collar criminal activities. This area is covered by lawyers with special police or prosecutor’s office training.

ETERNA LAW focuses on the prevention and resolution of disputes relating to asset misappropriation, domestic and international business crime, commercial fraud‚ and on commercial investigations‚ both internal and regulatory.

If there is a suspicion of fraud or other wrongdoing of corporate employees or government officials we are able to act immediately on your behalf and determine if kickbacks, fraud, or other white-collar issues may result in civil or criminal liability for the corporate entity.  Our firm has the resources, experience, and capabilities to do a full, independent internal investigation for companies. We tailor our advice and offer solutions that suit your goals while respecting full confidentiality.

Our team is capable of providing our business clients with sophisticated, top-level investigation and consultation with the greatest possible speed and precision.

ETERNA LAW continuously supports a number of business clients regarding internal investigations, criminal corporate investigations and contract disputes.


Managing Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution Practice