At ETERNA LAW we realize that through better participation by the private sector governments can better perform their functions and obligations. International experience proves that Public Private Partnerships can be used as a powerful tool to assist governments in achieving their social goals and fulfilling legal obligations in projects related to construction of infrastructure facilities for health care or education, social housing, motorways, major airport hubs or maritime terminals.

ETERNA LAW endeavours to support both the public and private sectors’ efforts in addressing national and local needs. We are ready to assist our clients at all stages of PPP projects including assessment of risks associated with project implementation, drafting standard contracts or agreements, giving advice and providing legal opinions on contracts to be entered into with special purpose vehicles, monitoring private sectors’ compliance with applicable laws.

Our local and international experience ensures efficient advice on legal and regulatory aspects of PPPs involving operations to be run jointly with the private sector and those involving private finance initiatives.

We are confident that our in-depth knowledge and professional approach enable us to advise on complex PPP projects and deliver the most sophisticated solutions that can be used in providing public capital assets and services.


Managing Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution Practice