On June 14 in Kyiv, it was held Ukraine Tax Conference organized by Exchange Ideas, a training and networking platform on tax, wealth management and compliance headquartered in Switzerland and local exclusive partner – Eterna Law. The conference was attended by Count Francis von Seilern-Aspang.

The conference brought together representatives of business, practicing in the tax industry lawyers and specialists interested in the crypto-currencies.

Participants discussed the latest trends in the international tax environment and their impact on Ukrainian business. During the conference, attention was shifted to the case studies of business processes organization with selected jurisdictions for their vulnerabilities. Speakers proposed ways to improve existing structures with the aim of maximizing their adaptation to the most recent developments in international taxation.

Ukrainian beneficiaries were offered with safe options for structuring the ownership of foreign companies.

Finally, the latest developments in the taxation of crypto-currencies in Ukraine and selected jurisdictions were discussed, including case studies addressing the practical effects on the taxation of crypto-currencies.

Speakers: Oksana Kneychuk, Partner, Eterna Law, Voznyuk Elena – Partner «NEXIA DK. Auditors & Consultants, Ukraine, Roland A. Pfister, Badertscher Attorneys at Law, Switzerland, Christos Theophilou, BSc (Econ.), ACA, ADIT Taxatelier Ltd, Cyprus, Chris Curmi, Deloitte, Malta – founder and chairman of the Malta Chamber in International Fiscal Association, Andrew Terry, Edwin Coe LLP, London, Larysa Antoshchuk – Manager, Head of Tax Dispute Resolution Practice KPMG, Ukraine, Kristina Nemchinova, FinTech Partner, Brightman Law Firm, Timur Khromaev – the chairman of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, Kyiv and many others.

Media partners of the conference: A7 Group, Liga.Zakon.

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