Eterna Law launched ADIT Course in Ukraine

Kyiv, January 23rd – Eterna Law in cooperation with Tax Atelier Ltd and P.S. Institute of Accountancy Ltd are proud to announce the launch of ADIT Course (Advanced Diploma in  International Taxation)  in Ukraine – in partnership with the most prestigious training organizations in U.K. Tolley Exam Training, (part of LexisNexis) specializing in international taxation. Eterna Law becomes a local provider for the course in Ukraine for Chartered Institute of Taxation.

ADIT is a fantastic opportunity for tax professionals to prove their expertise in international tax and gain a specialist qualification from one of the world’s most respected professional bodies. The Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) is particularly relevant to qualified accountants with a tax background who are looking to specialize further in international taxation. ADIT unites affiliates in over 100 different countries and territories – every continent, major market center, and every business sector represented.

Course it is offered exclusively through CIOT.

 To gain the ADIT, candidates need to be able to demonstrate:

  • knowledge of the principles of international taxation
  • in-depth knowledge of international tax issues for two jurisdictions or areas of international tax.

“The environment of international tax law is now undergoing such turbulent changes that were not previously in the history of international law, which is why in a close and interconnected world specialists must have in-depth knowledge of tax law and be able to apply them in practice,”  – commented Oksana Kneychuk, Partner and Head of International Taxation Practice in Ukraine.

 The course will be launched starting from September 2018.  Deadline for registration on the course is July 12th.

 This year Paper 1 – Principles of International Taxation is available for the students in Ukraine.  The Paper 1 gives the possibility to achieve stand-alone certificates. This paper is based on the OECD Model Convention and is compulsory for all candidates. The focus is on key issues such as principles of international tax law, residence, double taxation and treaty interpretation, transfer pricing, the work of the OECD and international tax avoidance.

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