ETERNA LAW always treats every client as the most valuable and proposes solutions for each case, considering the client’s specific needs. Moreover, if specific additional information is unavailable for analysis to develop a tailored solution, we possess a wide range of generic solutions that we can utilize to achieve a favorable outcome. In dispute resolution practice, ETERNA LAW traditionally ranks among the leaders.

We assist clients from the early stages of dispute resolution, providing consultations on case strategy, assessing possible recovery options, developing and implementing restructuring schemes, discussing their terms, and, if necessary, representing them in court or arbitration for dispute resolution.

We conduct mediation whenever possible to resolve amicable disputes out of court, but only in cases where both parties are open to dialogue and seek a mutually agreeable solution.

The mediation procedure includes:

  • involvement in mediation, discussing the rules and principles of mediation;
  • documents analysis;
  • clarification of the parties’ stances from legal and commercial standpoints via personal meetings, telephone discussions, and email exchanges;
  • drafting a memorandum outlining the situation and presenting potential methods for resolving the dispute;
  • consideration of opportunities to achieve consensus;
  • signing a settlement agreement between the parties.

Partner, Head of Corporate & M&A, Head of International Trade

Senior Partner and Head of International Litigation Department

Partner, Head of International Arbitration Practice