ETERNA LAW’ global regulatory enforcement and white-collar group is a core team of specialist partners and associates whose practice focuses on regulatory and compliance problems. We are able to assemble teams of specialists who have the skills and experience to help clients manage the significant legal, commercial and reputational risks that are often associated with regulatory and white-collar crime issues.  We are leaders in these fields of law, and we are known and respected by regulators and industry groups in many jurisdictions.

We, at ETERNA LAW, understand that it is not always easy for businesses to achieve compliance and meet contradictory legal regulations.  We realize that the victims who run this sort of risk are usually top-level executives and incautious business employees who suddenly find themselves under prosecution.

We are prepared to challenge such accusations that are brought against them.  We represent our clients in investigative procedures on allegation of tax evasion, public corruption, embezzlement, fraud, computer crime, bribery, insider trading, insolvency proceedings, forgery and other types of ‘white-collar crimes’.

ETERNA LAW attorneys have outstanding experience in devising strategic and sophisticated defense based on their profound knowledge of various legal areas including tax, corporate, bankruptcy law, financial institutions regulation, securities, government contracts and procurement, customs and international trade.

Our team includes legal experts who are particularly knowledgeable and experienced in the applicable criminal law and investigative legal procedures, and possess the necessary interrogation and world-class litigation skills.  We also closely cooperate with the best auditors, accountants, experts and IT-specialists who can supplement our team whenever required to do so.

We, at ETERNA LAW, are scrupulous about client confidentiality, safety and reputation since a person’s professional or business integrity is often at stake.


Senior Partner and Head of International Litigation Department